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Pocket Ninja - Tales of Leaf

Join us on a brand new journey!

Biju Naruto

⚔️⚔️Intro for Pocket Ninja - Tales of Leaf⚔️⚔️

Join players from around the world in Pocket Ninja - Tales of Leaf for the adventure of your life time! As the Kage of your village, build and customize your very own village! Gather resources, recruit your favorite Ninjas from other villages and factions to build your exclusive team!


Powerful Tailed Beasts will attack your village!

Beat the Tailed Beasts, hone their powers and

use them to bring glory to your village!


Play through Naruto's story from Chapter 1 of the manga, all the way till the new generations and become the Hokage that everyone respects!

⚔️Important Note⚔️
• Pocket Ninja - Tales of Leaf is currently only available in the following languages

    - English

    - Indonesian

    - Vietnam

    - Thai

    - Spanish

Here you are able to experience being the Hokage yourself! Build and manage your own village, recruit the best ninjas, upgrade them to their maximum potential and go on S rank missions to protect your own village! With this much gameplay, you will never be bored of Pocket Ninja!

Pocket Ninja is a RPG action-card-battle game that will provide you lots of fun! The Tales of Leaf is a village of great and brave ninjas that you lived with. The ninjas practice everyday to face evil enemies and protect themselves. You are the best ever who have to keep training and become the next powerful Hokage! Create the strongest team unmatched to Kakashi Sensei, Madara & Itachi!

Plunder all your foes's tailed-beast pieces to advance further and be the best in the server! Attractive prizes to be won everyday! Free VIP benefits!

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